BELOW IS OUR POLICY THAT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY WRITTEN. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU VIEW BEFORE PURCHASING OR CONTACTING US FOR PROJECTS. By purchasing any services from Creations & Co the client is agreeing to the policy written below. It is the clients responsibility to be clear with our policy.

  1. Work: Work includes final design and not any preliminary work or sketches. If the client is not satisfied after the second revisions, Creations & Co will charge a $10 add on to purchase. This is to prevent projects from being prolonged and allows them to move forward on other projects. Preliminary work or sketches are accepted by the client. Creations & Co strongly encourage clients to have elements to help aid in the creations of products. Please be sure all information is clear and precise before submitting a design form.

  1. Designs: Please be specific with your color scheme. For example* Forest Green, Silver Glitter, Metallic Gold, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Mustard Yellow, etc. Failure to do so will result in selecting various colors if you put pink on the design form. If you have any ideas or inspirations please email or attach them to design form via google. Yes! I am willing to freestyle but the two revision policy will still apply. Also by allowing us to freestyle your design please understand that you are turning over creative control. Therefore, the design is not to the fault of the designer.

  1. Pricing & Delivery: Payment should be made prior to starting the design. Once payment is confirmed, production will begin. Designs are received in the order in which it was requested. No Refunds! Graphic Design is a service in which not only paid for designing but time spent as well. Coupon codes must be redeemed at www.creationsandcompany.com followed by entering the code located on the design form. Other coupon instructions may be founded in the fine print below. If you have any further concerns feel free to contact by email. Design work is to be delivered no later than 8-14 business days. All designs will be sent via email in which you will receive a PNG, JPEG, PDF, or MOV (if you purchased an animated flyer) in order to download from your email.

  1. Printing Services: Printing Services: Creations & Co offer printing services. Print prices may vary depending on type of paper, quantity, and other designs requested. Printing may take up to 7-14 business days. If a client is requesting design work and printing services please understand that your product may take 24 business days with an additional shipping time. Creations & Co design in the order in which is received. If you have any concern feel free to email at contact@creationsandcompany.com.

  1. YouTube Intro/Outro & Media Use: Creations & Co offer youtube intros, outros, and music for logo revels. Logo design includes png logo, and animated logo revels with music added. When using animated logos reveal clients must use “I DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC’ in bio/text box on social media platforms. Creations & Co is not responsible for the misuse of copyright music. Youtube intros and outros must be non copyrighted music only. Clients must provide their own images and videos that's also non copyrighted. Creations & Co is not responsible for youtube demonetization. Please review the rule on youtube before submitting a request through Creations & Co website. All Youtube intros and outros should be 20 second or less.

  1. Grant of Rights: Creations & Co may use work to display in portfolio. This may include personal images, however customers personal contact or event locations will not be displayed. If you have any concern feel free to email at contact@creationsandcompany.com.

  1. Cancellation & Revision: The fee for work will be non-refundable. If the client does not want or refuse the design Creations & Co will still send your design to you via email. Circumstances may vary. You have 1-2 business days to cancel your order once the order is placed and received. Revisions on design will also be 1-2 business days.

Policy is subject to change at any time. Last Update: 09/08/2020